NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ pruned their vine in accordance with the old Bulgarian custom

On 14 February—St Tryphon’s Day—in the presence of Ms Bisera Yosifova, Executive Director of NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’, Academician Atanas Atanasov, the well-known scientist in the field of plant biotechnology, the Fund’s team and friends, Mr Kin Stoyanov, former executive director, carried out the ritual spring pruning of the vine in the courtyard of the Fund’s Headquarters. The property was donated by Prof. Vasil Gerov, one of the founders of the Technical University in Sofia.


Introduced in the eponymous hall by Prof. Elena Kuteva, the long-time director of the Philip Kutev National Folklore Ensemble, the young vocalists Yoana Andreeva and Victoria Rizova performed Bulgarian folk songs from the Shoppe region.