Together in Art for a Better Future—Let’s Rebuild Our Children’s World 2021

In 2021, on UNICEF’s 75th jubilee and the 40th anniversary of the ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund, these two organisations involved in causes that support children, families, and the development of opportunities for everyone, launched the second National Youth Competition for Digital Drawings. The contest is entitled ‘Together in Art for a Better Future— Let’s Rebuild Our Children’s World.’


The COVID-19 pandemic overturned our lives, challenging us to seek fresh solutions in order to emerge stronger than before. We, the partners, believe that, after the pandemic, we can build a better world for every child. That is why we encourage the participants to focus their creative energy on five opportunities for children around the world, which are also the five global advocacy priorities around which world organisations and leaders have united. They are also lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic on how to rethink a better future for them, as reflected by the voices of young people.


  • Health: Vaccines are the best hope we have to end the pandemic: we must commit to promoting public trust in them and encourage people to seek better protection for themselves and for others;
  • Well-being: Mental health is as important as physical health: the consequences of mental health issues cause us concern, and that is why young people need our support and understanding;
  • Education: Online learning is important for children’s access to quality schooling: the issue of access to the Internet and technical devices, as well as the acquisition of digital literacy, is crucial;
  • Combating discrimination: Inequality and prejudice call for decisive actions in tackling the issue: the crisis will not end for anyone until we end it for all, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation;
  • Climate change: Protection of the environment requires urgent action: children are the ones to suffer most from climate change, which directly affects their future.


Pupils of visual arts schools in Kazanlak, Plovdiv, Sliven, Sofia, and Troyan took part in the competition. In their digital compositions, they had the opportunity to interpret freely any of the themes according to their interests and inner feeling, as well as to express the ways art has helped them in times of challenge. Each school nominated their winning young artists.


The participants awarded in the 2021 competition are:


Academician Dechko Uzunov National School of Plastic Arts and Design, Kazanlak

Ivan Ivanov, 11th class: First Prize

Kristiana Dzhingova, 10th class: Second Prize

Katelina Kandarasheva, 12th class: Third Prize

Radoslava Chakarova, 11th class: Incentive Prize

Bozhidara Nikolova, 11th class: Incentive Prize


Tsanko Lavrenov National Secondary School of Art, Plovdiv

Maria Cholakova, 12th class: First Prize

Kristiyana Grozdanova, 11th class: Second Prize

Kremena Blagoeva, 11th class: Third Prize

Zornitsa Boneva, 9th class: Incentive Prize

Theodora Uzunova, 12th class: Incentive Prize

Thodora Ilieva, 10th class: Incentive Prize

Mary Kadirova, 12th class: Incentive Prize


Dimitar Dobrovich National Secondary School of Art, Sliven

Velina Alexandrova, 11th class: First Prize

Tsvetomira Karagyozova, 11th class: Second Prize

Lidya Alexandrova, 9th class: Third Prize

Katerina Kalcheva, 9th class: Incentive Prize

Ralitsa Apostolova, 12th class: Incentive Prize


Iliya Petrov National School of Fine Arts, Sofia

Yana Novakova, 10th class: First Prize

Raya Mitova, 11th class: Second Prize

Lillian Vladimirova, 11th class: Third Prize

Alexandrina Gerasimova, 12th class: Incentive Prize

Mina Separevska, 10th class: Incentive Prize

Rada Skumova, 12th class: Incentive Prize


St Luke National School of Applied Arts, Sofia

Arina Razorenova, 8th class: First Prize

Andrea Halacheva, 10th class: Second Prize

Raya Stamenova, 10th class: Third Prize

Sylvia Atanasova and Gergana Petkova, 12th class: Incentive Prize

Iren Stancheva, 11th class: Incentive Prize


Prof. Venko Kolev National School of Applied Arts, Troyan

Siyana Tsekovska, 12th class: First Prize

Victoria Todorova, 11th class: Second Prize

Desislava Shamova, 12th class: Third Prize

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