Exhibition of the Tsanko Lavrenov National Secondary School of Arts on display at Prof. Vasil Gerov Hall

On 20 October 2023, at 5:00 p.m., ‘Shared in Colour’, an exhibition organised by the Tsanko Lavrenov National Secondary School of Arts, Plovdiv, opens at the Prof. Vasil Gerov Hall of NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’.


The exhibition presents the works of the artists who took part in two international plein-air events organised by the school: Angel Kitipov, Vanya Godzhelova, Assist. Gergana Tabakova, Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Vodenicharov, Assist. Dimitar Hristovich, Iliana Manukova, Maria Trepska, Petar Chuchuligov, Plamen Velchev, Polina Todorova, Radoil Serafimov, Svetlozar Chavdarov , Assoc. Prof. Stoyan Dechev, Shevket Syunmez, and Chief Assistant Prof. Yulian Stankulov. Among them are teachers at the Tsanko Lavrenov National Secondary School of Arts; the National Academy of Arts, Sofia; Prof. Asen Diamandiev Academy of Music, Dance and Visual Arts, Plovdiv; National Secondary School of Stage and Film Arts; and prestigious schools abroad.


The first plein-air event took place from 25 to 31 August 2022 in the ateliers of the Trakart 2000 Foundation’s Art Residence Centre, with the financial support of the National Culture Fund of the Ministry of Culture; the second from 25 to 31 August 2023, near the Zdravets Lodge in the locality of Koprivkite.


The exhibition runs until 17 November 2023.