1. “Organizational Europeanisation of Bulgarian Film Academy, 2016” of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers.
  2. Fourth edition of the annual literary competition-workshop for criticism “13 Centuries Bulgaria” of the “Literary Newspaper” Foundation.
  3. Ninth national historical competition for middle school students from 8th to 12th grade of Foundation “Values”.
  4. XXIII International Children’s Easter Festival, Bosilegrad, of the Association “Group of Liberal, Ambitious and Solidary”.
  5. Ninth International Children’s Festival for Orthodox Chants and Spiritual songs “Hosanna in the Heights!” of “Derby” Foundation.
  6. Award for flight in the art “Stoyan Kambarev” of “Stoyan Kambarev” Foundation.
  7. International competition with a festival part for vocal and instrumental music “The Sound of Time” of “Elite” Association, Veliko Tarnovo.
  8. Fifth edition of the Folklore Festival “With the dances of our ancestors” of the People’s Chitalishte “Starlet-2003”, Dimitrovgrad.
  9. Film “160 years People’s Chitalishte” of the Union of Community Centers.
  10. Exhibition “Monumental Stories” of Association “Puncto”.
  11. Sixth edition of the International Symposium “Form 2016” of the “Tryavna School”, Tryavna.
  12. Information plate to the monument-symbol of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews of “Boyanska Roza” Ltd.
  13. Fourth edition of the World Competition for children’s drawing, Bulgaria, of Foundation “Little Zograf”.
  14. Eighth International Triennial of Stage Poster – Sofia, 2016, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Bulgarian painter, Asen Stareishinski, of Association “International Triennial of Stage Poster – Sofia”.
  15. Sofia Music Festival “The Yellow Cobblestones” of “Bozhura Art” Foundation.
  16. Third volume of the edition “120 years Bulgarian art” of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.
  17. Participation in the XXXVII International Student Festival in VGIK, Moscow, with the performance “Bai Balcho Is Mentioning” of NATFIZ “Krusty Sarafov”.
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