1. Theatrical décor and equipment of the Theatre College “Lyuben Groiss”.
  2. Media partnership of “Despite” Foundation.
  3. Award for flight in art “Stoyan Kambarev” of “Stoyan Kambarev” Foundation.
  4. “Award for Television Journalism St. Vlas 2017” of the Association “Award for Television Journalism St. Vlas”.
  5. International competition with a festival part for vocal and instrumental music “The Sound of Time” of the “Elita” Association, Veliko Tarnovo.
  6. XXIV International Children’s Easter Festival – Bosilegrad, of the Association “Group of Liberal, Ambitious and Solidary”, Bosilegrad.
  7. National Festival for Children and Youth Folklore “With songs and dances in Ovcha Mogila” at the Community Center “Consciousness – 1899”, Ovcha Mogila.
  8. Sixth International Film Forum and Festival “Golden Vityaz”, Russia, of the Association “Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers”.
  9. Sixth Folklore Festival “With the dances of our ancestors” of the People’s Chitalishte “Starlet – 2003”, Dimitrovgrad.
  10. Tenth International Children’s Festival for Orthodox Church Chants and Spiritual Songs “Hosanna in The Heights” of the “Darby” Foundation.
  11. Fifth world competition for children’s drawing of the “Young Zograf” Foundation.
  12. Publishing of the book “Enigma of Time”, authored by academician Ivanka Deneva, of “Multiprint” Ltd.
  13. Fifth edition of the annual literary competition-workshop for criticism “13 Centuries Bulgaria” of the “Literary Newspaper” Foundation.
  14. Commemorative slab of the Bulgarian writer Kuzman Shapkarev of the Association “Bulgarian Association of the Bulgarians from Macedonia”.
  15. International Award “Nikola Ghiuselev” of “Nikola Ghiuselev” Foundation.
  16. Sofia Music Festival “The Yellow Cobblestones” of “Bochura Art” Foundation.
  17. International Symposium “Form 2017” of the “Tryavna School”, Tryavna.
  18. National Literary Award “Vladimir Bashev” of the National Literary Museum.
  19. Tenth National Historical Competition for middle school students from 8th to 12th grade of Foundation “Values”.
  • Publication of a book on the life and work of Stoyanka Mutafova, author Milena Neyova, of Association “Voices”.
  1. Publication of photo album “100 persons from theatre and cinema”, compiler Prof. DSc Nikolay Yordanov, association “Union of Actos in Bulgaria”.
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