The ‘River of Tolerance’ presents young talents at The Mission Gallery

Изложбата с творби, създадени по време на организирания от НДФ „13 века България“ международен младежки арт фестивал, ще бъде открита на 14 април

Graphics and photographs from the 4th ‘River of Tolerance’ International Youth Art Festival, organised by the ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund, will be shown at The Mission Gallery of the State Institute for Culture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


After the official opening on 14 April, the artworks by lecturers and students in visual arts from institutions of higher education in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Serbia, created during the cultural event, will be on display at the gallery for an entire month.


The project, entitled ‘River of Tolerance’, and held under the auspices of UNESCO, brings together young and creative people of different ethnicities and religions. Artists from Balkan countries get to know each other, learn from each other and from the renowned guest lecturers, create together, and challenge their talents and minds.


Non-formal education and communication powers our flight, even when a global pandemic requires that the event be held online, as was the case in September 2021. This art festival brought together participants from four Balkan countries, not, as tradition dictates, at the Sarafs’ House in Samokov, but in a Zoom meeting.


But this did not prevent established and emerging artists from exchanging creative energies and constructive ideas. Visitors can view the results at The Mission Gallery.

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