Donors and Donations

National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” was established in 1981 with a decree of the Council of Ministers as a unique organization in Bulgaria whose fundamental activity, aim and mission is sponsorship. Its calling is the organization and assistance donation from Bulgarian and foreign physical and juridical persons in support of education, science, culture, reconstruction and preservation of historic and cultural valuables, healthcare and other social spheres.

During the years, over 80 000 benefactors, Bulgarian and foreign institutions, organizations and private persons have made a generous contribution for public benefit by means of the Fund. Their generosity is an invaluable input in national prosperity today and in the future; it is also a significant evaluation of the Fund’s activity.

The Fund is a guarantee for the execution of the donors’ will. Consistent with this will, substantial for Bulgarian spirit and for our historical heritage sites have been aided, Orthodox temples and monasteries have been reconstructed, schools, clubs, theatres, galleries, museums, soldiers’ monuments, hospitals have been renovated, projects in different areas of science, education, social assistance and healthcare have been supported.

National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” thanks all benefactors.

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