NEF “13 centuries Bulgaria” with a new donation

The National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” received a donation from the Bulgarian Historical Heritage Foundation, Plovdiv, – 1 080 copies of Prof. Dr. Veselin Beshevliev “Proto-Bulgarians. History, Lifestyle and Culture “.

Professor Beshevliev has been a corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 1941 and is among the most significant representatives of the Bulgarian Humanitarian Studies of the XX century. His education in the field of Classical Philology was completed in Bulgaria. In 1925, he defended his doctorate at Würzburg University in Germany. His career as a university lecturer developed at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In 1932 he was elected professor. He won the Herder Prize (1972). Globally recognized authority is in the field of history and culture of Proto-Bulgarians.

The book is a summary of the long-term research on the Proto-Bulgarian period by Prof. Beshevliev. It traces the life and history of the Proto-Bulgarians from IV century to the end of the reign of Khan Persian (852 A.D.).

The will of the foundation “Bulgarian Historical Heritage” is for the books to be used in the donation activity of “13 Centuries Bulgaria” Fund.