Restoration of the Synagogue in Samokov

In 2019, the NEF “13 centuries Bulgaria” will announce a fundraising campaign to rebuild the Synagogue in Samokov.


A sample of the Renaissance architecture and the decorative-monumental art of the era, it has the status of immovable cultural value of national importance. It was built in the middle of the 19th century entirely with donations. A characteristic feature of the building are the two rows of windows – 7 of the Southern and Northern one – and 5 on the eastern side. At the altar niche, ovals with ornamental friezes are made (so called “alafrangas”. Outside, the building also is decorated with frescoes. Above the front door, a marble slab mentions the names of the most prominent donors: Yeruda, Gabriel, Abraham Arier and The Cohen family. Today, the temple is deserted and crumbling.


Samokov municipality, whose property the Synagogue is, intends to start its restoration and conservation.

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