Exhibition “Tour of the world for 270 days” by Stella Sidi in Hall “Prof. Vasil Gerov”

From 12 June to 31 July 2019, the NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” presents, in Hall “Prof. Vassil Gerov, the exhibition “Tour of the world for 270 days” by the Argentine artist Stella Sidi, born in Bulgaria.

The exhibition includes 30 works, which the author created after a request in order to study the fate of Bulgarian immigrants in Argentina. On this occasion, those invited tell their story and present a family heirloom. For Stella Sidi, it is notebook with black veils covers, in which her mother in French language describes the family’s experiences on the road from Bulgaria to Argentina in 1941. At that time Stella Sidi was 3 and a half years old, turning 4 on a ship on the road from Hong Kong to San Francisco. The trip takes 270 days as their route is East: Sofia – Varna – Istanbul – Baghdad – Basra – Karachi – Bombay – Shanghai – Hongkong – Honolulu – San Francisco – Chicago – New York – Buenos Aires.

The “Tour of the world for 270 days” project visualizes what is described in the diary. Works are collages – a combination of archival family photos, author’s drawings and documents, shown in the form of photo posters.

During the exhibition, one can see the film “Tour of the world for 270 days. From Bulgaria to Argentina” in which Stella Sidi reads her mother’s diary. The experiences of a three-year-old girl and the encounters with various dramatic human fates give rise to serious reflection on the emotional trauma that all who went through the horrors of the war continue to bear in their souls.

The book “Doctor” by Dr. Jorge Michoff, issued for the first time in Bulgarian by the state agency of Bulgarians Abroad, is an exciting story about the lives of Bulgarians immigrants in Argentina. It will be presented during the opening of the exhibition.

The event takes place under the patronage of Vice-President of Republic of Bulgaria Mrs. Iliyana Iotova.

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