Exhibition “Spirit of Letters and Signs”

In 2013, in connection with the 1150th anniversary of the Moravia mission of the holy brothers Kiril and Methodius, National High School for Applied Art “Trevnenska School” organized a competition for students on the topic “Spirit of Letters and Signs”. Young painters created digital drawings in whose compositions elements of the Cyrillic and the Glagolitic scripts are intertwined.

With the sponsorship of NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria”, color prints of the works are included in a travelling exhibition “Spirit of Letters and Signs” shown in prestigious galleries in this country and abroad.

After the end of the project, the Fund gave the works to culture institutions.

  • 2014, “Fourteenth International Festival of Arts Perperikon 2014”
  • 2014, Hall “22 September”, the municipality building of Blagoevgrad in connection with 24 May
  • 2014, Hall “Sofia”, Bulgarian Culture Institute, London, in connection with 3 March
  • 2014, Gallery “Gabenski”, Trjavna, premiere of the exhibition
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