Exhibition of the artists Marko Hadjikolev and Ivan Kolev in “Gabenski” gallery

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the creation of the “Gabenski” gallery on 23 March 2016, NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” opened an exhibition of Marco Hadjikolev and Ivan Kolev, donors of the Fund. Marco Hadjikolev presents in its exposition his paintings and graphic cycles, and Ivan Kolev shows his sculptures from the collection of the specialized museum for carving and icon painting in Tryavna. The celebration dedicated to the gallery started with a vocal greeting of children from the People’s Chitalishte Probuda – 1924, Plachkovtsi. The mayor of the town, Doncho Zahariev, opened the exhibition, and the greeting was presented by Diyan Stamatov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science. The guests received gifts – books of the Fund.

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