Exhibition “Reflections” by Petko Nedyalkov in Gallery “Gabenski”

The young author, Petko Nedyalkov, presented on December 22, 2015, his second solo exhibition “Reflections” in Gallery “Gabenski”. The works included in the exhibition are a new cycle in the artist’s works. They are an expression of his innovative, constructive approach to painting, to the picture surface and the influence of the way of laying the colored ointments on the colorful sonority of the compositions, on the lights and reflections.

Born in Tryavna, Petko Nedyalkov graduated in 2008 in specialty “Woodcarving” in the Secondary School of Applied Arts (presently, NGPI “Tryavna School”) in the city. In 2014, he received a Master’s Degree in carving at the National Academy of Arts “Prof. Anton Donchev”. He has got numerous participations in national and group exhibitions.

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