Exhibition dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Vasil Gerov (1904-1985)

In 2014, in connection with the 110th anniversary of the birth of the learned theoretician, Engineer, Professor Vasil Gerov, one of the most generous donors of NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria”, the Fund organized a photo-type exhibition dedicated to his life and scientific achievements.

He was born in 1904 in the village of Skalsko, Drjanovo municipality. He was one of the founders of Technical University in Sofia and the creator of Department of Hydraulic Machines. He established the first laboratory for hydraulic turbines at the same Department. He is known for his high professionalism and as an author of specialized technical literature.

The exhibition is organized with the kind cooperation of State Agency “Archives”, Sofia and Technical University, Sofia.

The Exposition has been shown:

  • 2015, People’s Reading Club “Development 1869”, Drjanovo
  • 2014, Hall “Prof. Vasil Gerov”, Sofia

After it expired, it was given to the reading club in Drjanovo.

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