Class 4B at St Ivan Rilski Secondary School also received copies of the book ‘Dobry’ in Bulgarian

NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ recently donated the novel to the pupils in Class 4A and introduced the children to its translator, Maria Doneva

At an emotional meeting in St Ivan Rilski Secondary School at the beginning of May, representatives of the ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund and the poet Maria Doneva talked to fourth-grade students. The occasion was the first publication in Bulgarian of ‘Dobry’, the novel for children and adolescents by American writer Monica Shannon, illustrated by Bulgarian sculptor Atanas Katchamakoff, which appeared in Bulgaria thanks to the NEF initiative and Maria Doneva’s translation.


It so happened that there were not enough copies of the book, brought by Slava Ivanova, Executive Director of the Fund, and the experts accompanying her, for all the pupils present, as the attendance of Class 4B was a surprise. The shortage was remedied at once, and copies of the novel were hurriedly sent to the other pupils.


At the celebration, the pupils re-enacted a Bulgarian folk tale and presented selected favourite thoughts—quotes from world-famous books for children. Slava Ivanova, the Fund’s Executive Director, greeted the youngsters and told them about ‘Dobry’, which reveals the fairy-tale world of Bulgarian traditions and folklore. She also explained that the book has been reprinted thirteen times in the US, and was awarded the John Newbury Gold Medal, the most prestigious children’s literature award.


Maria Doneva described all the curious moments relating to the book’s translation.


Now, the pupils from Class 4B have the opportunity to discuss the events in the novel ‘Dobry’ with their friends from 4A.

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