The 2020 ‘Young Bulgarians Abroad with a Focus on Bulgarian Folklore’ session results

Thirteen projects were submitted to the 2020 session announced by NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’, and entitled ‘Young Bulgarians Abroad with a Focus on Bulgarian Folklore’. The Fund’s commission of specialists established that nine of them met the Eligibility Terms and Conditions of conducting sessions organised by the ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund for the financial support of projects.

An expert commission chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr Dzheni Madzharov, with members Assoc. Prof. Dr Mila Maeva and Assoc. Prof. Dr Irena Bokova, conducted their review and, based on the evaluation criteria set out in the requirements, proposed financial support for all nine submissions. The NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ Management Board, at its 19th meeting, held on 29.07.2020, accepted the proposal of the commission to support the following projects:

  1. ‘Bulgarian Children’s Folklore Among the Young Generation Abroad’, Republic of Moldova, the village of Cairaclia, Slanchitse [Sun] Kindergarten;
  2. ‘A Bulgarian Island in the Isles’, Great Britain, London, Tottenham, Rozova Dolina [Rose Valley] Bulgarian School;
  3. ‘Singing and Dancing with Bulgaria in Our Hearts’ Festival, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Bulgarian Education and Culture Association;
  4. ‘Young Bulgarians Abroad with a Focus on Bulgarian Folklore’, Germany, Münster, the Yan Bibiyan German-Bulgarian Parental Initiative;
  5. ‘Hop-trop, Colourful Socks’ Folklore Festival of Bulgarian Folk Art, Great Britain, Southampton, Association of the Bulgarian Educational Centre in Southampton;
  6. ‘Young Bulgarians Abroad with a Focus on Bulgarian Folklore’, Austria, Vienna, Prof. Ivan Shishmanov Bulgarian School;
  7. ‘Bulgaria Plays, Sings and Dances’, Germany, Bremen, Rila Bulgarian Association;
  8. ‘Paris Folklore Pavilion’, France, Paris, ‘Bulgarian Language—Language of Europe’ Association;
  9. ‘Roots, Tradition and Continuity’, Germany, Munich, Lazarka Folklore Ensemble.
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