The award of the ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund for Contribution to the Dissemination of Bulgarian culture by Bulgarian-language Media Abroad was presented by Slava Ivanova, the Fund’s Executive Director, at a ceremony in Kyustendil Art Gallery

At the Sixteenth World Meeting of Bulgarian Media organised by BTA, the prize was awarded to the magazine, Roden Glas [Native Voice], from Czechia, in the person of Kamelia Ilieva, its editor-in-chief. This year, the publication marks 50 years of continuous existence.

Slava Ivanova stated: ‘It is a real privilege for me to be here with you. I should like to wish you to be healthy, strong, and successful as ever. May the light in Maystora’s paintings around us give meaning to your path and illuminate your intentions.’


Following the award, Kamelia Ilieva thanked for the prize and said that she accepted it as recognition of the creators of the magazine, which was launched in 1971 in Bratislava.


The ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund prize was established in 2013 as a form of tribute to Bulgarian journalists abroad who preserve and promote Bulgarian culture and spirit. So far, seven media organisations have received awards.


The first, 2013 winner was Svetla Kyoseva of Hemus magazine, which is published in Hungary in Bulgarian and Hungarian and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.


At the Tenth World Meeting of Bulgarian Media, in Brussels in 2014, the award went to Maria Zaharieva from Bulgari magazine in Czechia.


Dora Kostova, publisher of the Roden Krai [Native Land] newspaper in Ukraine for 26 years, was the third prize holder.


At the Twelfth World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media, in Prague, the status and the criteria for awarding the prize for Contribution to the Dissemination of Bulgarian Culture in the respective country were amended. It is obligatory to publish in Bulgarian, and to have presented sustainable and constructive topics in the field of Bulgarian culture among its output.


The 2016 prize was awarded to Dialogue magazine from the Netherlands in the person of its editor-in-chief, Daniela Gorcheva.


The fifth winner was journalist Maxim Bozhilov, who has published a Bulgarian newspaper in Toronto for 20 years, and broadcasts the Bulgarian Horizons radio programme.


In 2018, the prize went to Dimitar Ganchev on behalf of the Vatican Radio’s Bulgarian-language Programme, at the Fourteenth World Meeting of Bulgarian Media, in Skopje.


The 2019 prize-winner was BG VOICE Chicago, USA, published by Yasen Darakov, at the Fifteenth World Meeting of Bulgarian Media, in Tiranë, Albania.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the event did not take place and the NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ prize was not awarded.


You can watch Slava Ivanova’s speech here: