NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ donates books to the Perushtitsa Museum of History

On 20 June 2024, the ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund made a donation to the Perushtitsa Museum of History.


It numbered 107 books in a variety of genres—Bulgarian and world history, culture and literature—including monographs on 16 artists, from the Fund’s series, ‘Contemporary Bulgarian Art. Names’, such as Krum Damyanov, Pavel Koychev, Rumen Skorchev, Hristo Neykov, Hristo Stefanov, Aneta Dragushanu, Galin Malakchiev, and Ivan Dimov. The autobiographical novel, ‘Dobry’, illustrated by Atanas Katchamakoff, was also part of the donation.


The books were printed by St Kliment Ohridski University Press, Zahariy Stoyanov Publishing House, Plamak Magazine Publishing House, the Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House of BAS, and the Bulgarian Historical Heritage Foundation.

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