NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” donated books to Capital City Library

On 25.06.2018, NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” made a contribution of 120 books to Capital City Library; they are related to Bulgarian history, language, culture and natural sites.

The donation includes 30 monographs on the work of esteemed authors in the area of visual arts published until then; they belong to the publication project of the Fund “Contemporary Bulgarian Art. Names”, the jubilee publication “Nikola Gjuzelev. The Knight of the Opera”, research work “Proto-Bulgarians. History, Life and Culture” by Prof. Dr. Veselin Beshevliev, “Foreign Bulgarian Studies in 20th Century – a collection of studies of Academic Press “Prof. Marin Drinov”, etc.

The donation to Capital City Library brings modern Bulgarian book culture to a possibly widest group of readers.

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