NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ supports the ‘Merry Suns’ Children’s Ensemble in Vienna

Nine organisations abroad receive financial support from ‘Young Bulgarians Abroad with a Focus on Bulgarian Folklore’

Text: Magdalena Gigova

Photographs: Prof. Ivan Shishmanov Bulgarian School, Vienna

The ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund supports scores of creative and patriotic organisations through its thematic sessions, frequently receiving letters of gratitude for its timely assistance.


‘We cordially thank you for the support by which you helped us and made the children at the Prof. Ivan Shishmanov Bulgarian School in Vienna happy,’ reads a letter to the Fund from Austria. ‘With the Northern Bulgarian costumes we purchased, our “Merry Suns” folklore ensemble took on the appearance of true artists. We have won prestigious awards and seen the incredible achievements of our performances at festivals and cultural events. We open the school year with a performance by the “Merry Suns” children.’


‘Thanks to the management and the team that made our children proud to be Bulgarians with the wonderful costumes, we won awards at The Muses International Festival in the town of Sozopol. We are sending you photographs of our pupils’ participation,’ concludes the letter of Salzitsa Groman from the Bulgarian school.


Thirteen projects were submitted to the thematic session, ‘Young Bulgarians Abroad with a Focus on Bulgarian Folklore’, and a commission of specialists chaired by Prof. Dzhenny Madzharov established that nine of them met the Eligibility Terms.


Here are the organisations that received funding from the NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ for this thematic session:

  • Republic of Moldova, the village of Cairaclia, Slanchitse [Sun] Kindergarten;
  • Great Britain, London, Tottenham, Rozova Dolina [Rose Valley] Bulgarian School;
  • The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Bulgarian Education and Culture Association;
  • Germany, Münster, the Yan Bibiyan German-Bulgarian Parental Initiative;
  • Great Britain, Southampton, Association of the Bulgarian Educational Centre in Southampton;
  • Austria, Vienna, Prof. Ivan Shishmanov Bulgarian School;
  • Germany, Bremen, Rila Bulgarian Association;
  • France, Paris, ‘Bulgarian Language—Language of Europe’ Association;
  • Germany, Munich, Lazarka Folklore Ensemble.



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