NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” participates in Slavejkov Days in Trjavna

On the occasion of the Slaveikov Days (2 – 6 June 2016), NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” donated to the specialized museum for carving and icon painting, Tryavna, and National High School of Applied Arts “Tryavna School”. The donation includes one hundred and fifty titles, among which eighteen monographs of renowned Bulgarian artists from the publishing series of the Fund “Contemporary Bulgarian art. Names”.

Writer Yordan Eftimov presented in the gallery “Gabenski” the collection “Love at all times. Stories of laureates of the national competition “Rashko Sougarev” 1998/2014 and a publication of NEF” 13 Centuries Bulgaria”, and the book “The Same River” by Zdravka Evtimova, winner of the National Literary Prize for a novel of the year “13 Centuries Bulgaria”, 2016.

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