A nominee for the National Prize in support of young talents in science and the arts delivered a lecture in Malta

Liliya Pangelova revealed to the Union of Archaeologists in Valletta the techniques of treatment and decoration of Ancient Roman glass

Liliya Pangelova, who was among the six nominees for the first National Prize in support of young talents in contemporary arts and science, continues her rapid development. The young lady, who is studying for a Master’s degree in Art Education and Research at the University of Malta, recently delivered an online lecture to the Union of Archaeologists of the island state. The topic of the discourse, ‘Introduction to the Ancient Roman Techniques of Treatment and Decoration of Glass’, is the result of her in-depth work on the projects ‘Reconstructing an Ancient Roman Furnace for Glassmaking’, ‘Villa Borg Archaeological Park’, Germany, and ‘Reconstructing Ancient Roman Glassmaking Techniques’, the Provincial Archaeological Museum, Velzece, Belgium.


Liliya Pangelova’s lecture presents the most common techniques for shaping and decorating glass used in the Roman Empire in the period between the 1st century BC and 4th century AD. Her goal is to arouse interest in the ancient craft of glassmaking by enhancing knowledge and understanding of the ancient production of glass in a contemporary context. Liliya illustrated the theme with visual images from Maltese and international sources, including the glass artefacts on display at the Domvs Romana, Rabat, and glassware from the Valletta Archaeological Museum collection.


The online forum was uploaded on the Internet and anyone can follow it in English (see the link below).


Liliya Pangelova holds a Bachelor’s degree in Porcelain and Glass Design from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, and a Master’s degree in Ceramic and Glass Design from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey.


She was an intern in Artistic Treatment of Glass at the Bernard Heesen and Leerdam Studios, Leerdam, the Netherlands, and at Nový Bor and Zajec, Czechia.


Her successes ranked her among the six nominees for the NEF ‘13 Century of Bulgaria’ National Prize in support of young talents in the arts and science.


Follow the Fund’s website for the second edition of the prestigious prize.


Liliya Pangelova’s lecture to the Union of Archaeologists in Malta:


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