Educational quiz for second-year pupils at the Hadji Dancho’s Houses Ethnographic Complex

On 29 May 2024, pupils from the Vasil Levski Primary School in Sliven participated in a quiz held at the Hadji Dancho’s Houses Ethnographic Complex—the ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ National Endowment Fund regional centre in Sliven. It was organised by the Dobrodetel [Virtue] Foundation and the Sliven Community Donation Fund.


Before taking part, the second-year pupils from the Vasil Levski School acquainted themselves with three books published by the Sliven Community Donation Fund: ‘Sliven’s Secrets, Revealed by Svilen and Orlyo with the Help of a Time Machine’, ‘How the Time Machine Revealed the Secrets of Sliven’, and ‘More Secrets of Sliven, revealed by Svilen and Orlyo’.


The initiative took place in House No.1 at the ethnographic complex. The children were delighted, as it was delivered in the form of an educational and entertaining game.

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