Monument – Symbol of Salvation of Bulgarian Jews

In 2013, in connection with the 7oth anniversary of the salvation of Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust, an initiative committee was set up under the aegis of the Prime Minister of Republic of Bulgaria. He launched the building of a monument – a symbol reminding Bulgarian citizens and the international community of the roots of ethnic tolerance and noble position of Bulgarian society during World War Two.

The Union of Bulgarian Artists carried out a competition for a conceptual project for the monument. The project authored by sculptor Momchil Tsvetkov and architect Georgi Tsvetkov won.

NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” opened an endowment account and financed the building of the monument. The Fund coordinated and organized the execution of the project.

The monument is situated in the little park in front of “Academy” Gallery of the National Art Academy. Its official opening was on 7 July 2016.