1. Publishing of the book “Svetozar Donev – the Director” by author Marin Bonchev, Association “Union of Bulgarian national and dance activists”.
  2. Media partnership of “Despite” Foundation.
  3. Award for flight in art “Stoyan Kambarev” of “Stoyan Kambarev” Foundation.
  4. Tenth International Children’s Festival for Orthodox Church chants and spiritual songs “Hosanna in the Heights” of “Darby” Foundation.
  5. XXV International Children’s Easter Festival – Bosilegrad, of the Association “Group of Liberal, Ambitious and solidarity”, Bosilegrad.
  6. Sixth edition of the annual literary competition-workshop for criticism “13 Centuries Bulgaria” of the Literary Newspaper Foundation.
  7. Sixth edition of the World Competition for Children’s drawing – Bulgaria, of Foundation “Young Zograf”.
  8. International competition with a festival part for vocal and instrumental music “The Sound of Time” of the association, “Elite”, Veliko Tarnovo.
  9. “Beginnings of Wrong Grasp” of Dramatic-Puppet Theatre “Vasil Drumev”, Shumen.
  10. Eighth edition of the National Festival for Children and Youth Folklore “With songs and dances in Ovcha Mogila” at Community Center “Consciousness – 1899”, Ovcha Mogila.
  11. Eighth edition of the project “Prize for television journalism St. Vlas 2018” of the Association “Prize for Television Journalism St. Vlas”.
  12. “60 Years Yavorov Days in Pomorie” at Community Centre “Prosveta 1888”, Pomorie.
  13. Seventh edition of the Folklore Festival “With the dances of our ancestors”, Dimitrovgrad, at the People’s Chitalishte “Zvezditsa – 2003”.
  14. International Symposium “Form 2018” of “Tryavna School”, Tryavna.
  15. Photographic exhibition “Veterans” of the Bulgarian National Rule, Kecskemét, Hungary.
  16. The album “100 Persons from Theatre and Cinema”, Prof. DSc Nikolay Yordanov, of the Association “Union of Actors in Bulgaria”.
  17. “Enhancing urban environment in Sliven” of Foundation “Public Donor Fund – Sliven”
  18. Purchasing of color laser multifunction printer and consumables for Association “Bulgarian-Serbian Center”, Vranje, Republic of Serbia.
  19. Sofia music festival “Yellow Cobblestones” of Foundation “Bozhura Арт”.
  • Mono-spectacle “Hi-ro-shi-ma” of Association “School of Dance, Full-Dance”
  1. “January. Festival of Bulgarian Dramaturgy” of “Association of Producers of Private Theatres “.
  2. Jubilee journal “Flame”, 2019, of “Publishing House Journal Flame” Ltd.
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