“Sliven Wind 2017” in the ethnographic complex “Hadji-Danchovi Houses”

From 19 to 21 April 2017, “Hadji-Danchovi Houses” of the National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” in Sliven, hosts the Youth Theatre Festival “Sliven Wind – 2017”. It is organized by “Public Donor Fund Sliven”, with the support of Sliven Municipality.

The program in the complex includes four productions and a presentation of a book. On 19 April, young actors from High School “Dimcho Damyanov”, headed by Dimitar Markov, performed a poetry recital of Dimcho Damyanov’s “Poem for Happiness”. The performance of “Holy truth was my flag” of the club “Young Vazrozhdentsi” with director Velichka Nenchevawill will take place on 20 April. Theater Troupe at People’s Chitalishte “Prosveta” from the village of Glushnik, with manager Daniel Vlahov will stage the “Tatul” play on April 21. “Women’s Kingdom” is the name of the production prepared by the children’s formation at 11th School with director Dilyana Dimitrova is scheduled for 21 April. Blagoevgrad city writer Krasimira Katsarska will have a debut before Sliven’s public with her book “Nightfall” on 27 April.

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