Events related to the upcoming Christmas holidays in “Sarafska House”, Samokov

In December 2017, the Regional Center of NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” in Samokov hosted several cultural events.

The City ‘s high school of tourism handed the certificates for activity of interest to its graduates on 8 December.

On December 20, students from fifth grade at the largest municipal school “Metropolitan Avksentij Veleshki”, led by Daniela Georgieva, took part in an open lesson on the theme “Folklore heritage – a platform for building capable and thinking personalities “dedicated to Christmas and Bulgarian traditions.

Fifth-grade students from different schools in the region, high school students and teachers from the High School of Tourism, painted icons, under the direction of Ivan Shumanov, Head of the School of Fine Arts “Naum Hadjimladenov”, and adorned the fir trees on 21 December in the framework of the organized “Christmas Workshop”.

A Christmas concert for children was organized by People’s Chitaliste (Community Center) “Mladost – 2003”, Samokov.

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