‘Light and Spirit’ by NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’ celebrates Maystora’s 140th anniversary

In the MaxiM Room, the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) director presented archival documents about Vladimir Dimitrov

The ‘Light and Spirit’ multimedia project, commissioned by NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’, paid homage to Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora, whose 140th anniversary was celebrated on 1 February.


The creation of Assoc. Prof. Venelin Shurelov, D.A., combining original music and visual effects with fragments and canvases from the artist’s oeuvre, was presented in the MaxiM Room of the BTA, the event’s host and co-organiser.


‘Each anniversary provides an occasion to return to his legacy, which has long been part not only of the Bulgarian, but also of the world’s, artistic treasury. The messages of his artworks are rediscovered time and again, and it seems they are still as relevant as when the works were created,’ said Slava Ivanova, Executive Director of NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’.


‘We wish to signal to Bulgarians that this is a real national celebration. That is why we at the BTA are laying the beginnings today. Our grand objective, in addition to chronicling today, is to preserve the memory of Bulgaria, for any development must be based on continuity. Respect for the other has often been difficult in Bulgaria; yet Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora was an example of a person who indeed treated others with profound respect,’ said Kiril Valchev, the BTA’s Director General.


‘Maystora always saw the human aspect, the beautiful. He saw holiness in everything, and showed humility and diligence. And perhaps, when one is born only a few kilometres from the birthplace of St John of Rila and, ten centuries later, reaps what God has sown—again in these latitudes—it is not difficult. Through his uniqueness, he dedicated a part of his life to the authenticity of our region. I am happy that I am a tiny particle of this world,’ stated the Mayor of Kyustendil, Petar Paunov.


Guests at the celebration, which was streamed live on the BTA Facebook page, included the directors of the National Gallery, Iara Boubnova; of the Sofia City Art Gallery, Adelina Fileva; and of Kyustendil’s Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora Art Gallery, Valentin Gospodinov.


Kiril Valchev presented photographs and documents from the News Agency’s archives relating to Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora, as well as some touching footage of the artist’s funeral on 29 September 1960.

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