With the support of NEF ‘13 Centuries of Bulgaria’, the ‘Bulgarian Language—Language of Europe’ Association, Paris, implemented its project

The ‘Bulgarian Language—Language of Europe’ Association in Paris, France, successfully completed its ‘Paris Folklore Pavilion’ project, thanks to the Fund’s financial support for the session, ‘Young Bulgarians Abroad with a Focus on Bulgarian Folklore’. Bulgarian folk costumes were bought for the children from the ‘Balgarcheta’ [Bulgarian Kids] Ensemble and ‘Kitchitsa’ [Potpourri] Vocal Group who took part.


The project aims to teach Bulgarian folkloric choreography and folk singing to children mainly of Bulgarian citizenship or origin. They are given the opportunity to play in regular performances in the pavilions of Parisian parks and gardens designed for cultural activities.


The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in France, the Saint Elizabeth School, the Pari-Grandir Children’s Centre, and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris, are partners in the project, as are ABAGAR—the Association of Bulgarian Alumni of French Grandes Écoles and Universities.


With the support of Paris City Hall, the little singers and dancers showed off their skills in ten events held in the pavilions of six different parks in the city.


With permission from the Senate of the Republic of France to perform in the Luxembourg Gardens music pavilion (which is under its management), a concert took place, recorded by Bulgarian National Television for an episode of the ‘Bulgaria from End to End’ series.

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