Third Youth Festival for Theatre “Sliven Wind 2018” in “Hadji-Danchovi Houses”

Three productions from the program of the Third Theatre Festival “Sliven Wind 2018” were played in ethnographic Complex “Hadji-Danchovi Houses” of NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria”.

On March 21, 2018, students from the club “Young Vazrozhdentsi”, led by Velichka Nencheva at “Zahari Stoyanov” institute presented the dramatization “My Levski Is…”. It is a screenplay by Vanessa Terzieva, a 10th grade schoolgirl, and includes excerpts from “Vasil Levski– the Deacon” – the first biography of the Apostle, written by Zahry Stoyanov, and from the novel “The Love and Death of the First after God” by Neda Antonova. Before the start of the spectacle, the book “My Levski Is…” was presented, which included stories and drawings by students at “Zachary Stoyanov” institute in Sliven, “Damian Damyanov” School in Sliven, “Hristo Botev” School in Nova Zagora and Primary School “Paisii Hilendarski”, village of Stoil Voivoda, Nova Zagora Municipality.

On March 27, 2018, a theatre troupe at the “ Damian Damyanov” High School of Humanities, presented the recital “For Theatre and Love” of texts by eminent Bulgarian poets, directed by Vangel Apostolov. Participants: Denslava Stoycheva, Dimitar Sivov, Ivan Stefanov, Marina Garvanova, Maria Cherkezova and Radina Bombova.

On 28 March 2018, the students from the “Echo” theatre troupe at the secondary school “Konstantin Konstantinov”, led by Dilyana Dimitrova, took part in the festival with “Fairytale for Fur Hats” by Pancho Panchev.

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