The Managing Council has approved the Work Plan of NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” for 2019

On its third meeting held on 16 January 2019, the Managing Council has approved the Annual Work Plan of NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” for the current year.

The Plan envisages in unison with contemporary tradition for the Fund to continue to promote and develop endowment with the following priorities:

  • education which changes life;
  • science for a sustainable future;
  • preservation of cultural heritage;
  • promotion of Bulgarian culture as a contemporary model of national identity;

The Fund shall work for national causes in the priority spheres of activities by means of campaigns for socially significant projects; shall promote its reputation as a sponsor which observes strictly the donor’s will as it has done through the years; shall attract new potential donors. NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” shall develop the activity of Hall “Prof. Vasil Gerov” and its regional centers: “Sarafska House” in Samokov, Gallery “Gabenski” in Trjavna, Ethnography Complex “Hadji-Danchovi Houses” in Sliven; this shall comply with the basic priorities and the concrete specific aspects of each one of them.

Information on concrete events and initiatives will be published by the Fund on its website.