1. XX International Children’s Easter Festival – Bosilegrad of the Association Group of Liberal, Ambitious and Solidary, Bosilegrad.
  2. Seventh National Historical Competition for students from 8th to 12th grade of Foundation “Values”.
  3. “Digitization of the cultural and historical and scientific heritage of Bulgaria” of the National Council on digitization of the cultural and historical and scientific heritage of Bulgaria.
  4. A film about Pavel Koychev of the “Theatre in a Suitcase” Foundation.
  5. “Purchase of folk musical instruments” of People’s Chitalishte “Miner 2006”.
  6. “Weddings in Bulgaria” of the State Agency “Archives”.
  7. Printing of the book “Myths and legends about the Bulgarian transition” of “Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev” Foundation.
  8. International Symposium “Form 2013” by “Tryavna School”, Tryavna.
  9. Printing of the first volume of “120 years of Bulgarian fine art” of “Lingua Franca” Association.
  10. Publishing of catalogue “Sirak Skitnik – artist and mentor” of Sofia City Art Gallery.
  11. Award for Bulgarian language media abroad of the Association of Bulgarian Media in the World.
  12. Publishing of the catalogue “Seventh international Triennial of Stage Poster – Sofia 2013” of the Association “International Triennial of Stage Poster, Sofia”.
  13. Folklore program in 12 settlements of Sadovo Municipality.
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