Exhibition “Children’s drawings” was opened in the world competition in “Nova” Gallery in Sliven

On February 28, 2019 in the Gallery “Nova” of the National School of Art “Dimitar Dobrovich” in Sliven was opened exhibition “Children’s drawings” from the World Competition of the foundation “Little Zograf”. The exhibition is part of a candidate high school campaign for admission of Students for the 2019/2020 school year.

The National Endowment Fund “13 centuries Bulgaria” has been a partner in organizing and implementing the “World competition for children’s drawings – Bulgaria” since 2016.

The exhibition offers seventy drawings of children aged 4 to 18 years from Thailand, India, China, Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Moldova, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and others.

In 2018 the foundation “Malak Zograf” donated 200 drawings from the competition of NFF “13 centuries Bulgaria”. For its part the fund provided some of them in the children’s section of the General Hospital for active treatment “Dr. Ivan Seliminski” in Sliven. This year the fund is about to make a second donation to the hospital.


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