Bulgarian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries (2007)

  1. Project: “Painting of the Temple “St. 40 Martyrs” at the Nunnery “St. 40 Martyrs”, Lovchanska Bishopric – 2 600 lv.
  2. Project: “Repair of the façade and internal repair of the temple” St. Sunday”, in the church of St. Sunday, village of Yarlovo, Samokov Municipality – 1600 lv.
  3. Project: “improvement and repair of the inner space of the temple” St. Dimitar Basarbovski”, Board of trustees at the Church of St. Dimitar Basarbovski, village of Basarbovo, Ruse Municipality – 1700 lv.
  4. Project: “Restoration of the canopy in the temple” St. John the Theologian “, the Church board at the temple “St. John the Theologian”, Karnobat – 1700 lv.
  5. Project: Repair of the roof of the cathedral “Ascension of the Lord”, Church Board of the temple “Ascension of the Lord”, village of Golak, Kostenets Municipality – 1700 lv.
  6. Project: “Overhaul of the roof of the church ” St. Athanasius”, Board of trustees of the Temple “St. Athanasius”, village of Belpolyane, Ivaylovgrad Municipality – 1700 lv.
  7. Project: “Unknown murals from the hallway of St. Assumption of Mother of God Church, Velikotrnovska St. Bishopric, village of Arbanasi – 1700 lv. (BGN)
  8. Project: “Again functioning Church –”St. Archangel Michael”, Board of Trustees of the Church “St. Archangel Michael “, village of Osikovitsa, Pravets Municipality – 2 600 lv.
  9. Project: “Hearth of Faith and Spirituality – 150 years temple “St. Archangel Michael “, Church Board of Trustees of “St. Archangel Michael”, village of Straldzha – 2 600 lv.
  10. Project: “Construction of a belfry of the Orthodox temple “St. Nikola ” and conducting reconstruction works on the façade of the church “Church of the Temple of St. Nikola”, village of Huhla, Ivaylovgrad Municipality – 1000 lv.
  11. Project: Church “St. Great Martyr Georgi Victorious” – a modern temple, Board of the Church “St. Georgi the Victorious “, Belene – 1400 lv.
  12. Project: “Restoration and repairs of the temple” St. Archangel Michael “, in Board of the temple “St. Archangel Michael”, village of Drenovo, Lovchenska Diocese – 1700 lv.
  13. Project: “Finishing works of the church “St Great Martyr Dimitar”, the Church Board of “St. Great Martyr Dimitar”, village of Valcha Polyana, Yambol Region – 1400 lv. (BGN).
  14. Project: “Repairs and restoration of the church “St. Elijah The Prophet”, village of Vlahi, Kresna Municipality, Church Trustees “St. Ivan Rilski”, Kresna – 1000 lv.
  15. Project: “Repair of the façade of the church temple “St. the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Church Board of Trustees at St. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, village of Botevo, Yambol Region – 1400 lv. (BGN).
  16. Project: The restoration of church temple “St. Dimitar”, The Church Board of “St. Dimitar”, village of Vetren – 1400 lv. (BGN)
  17. Project: “Repair works of Orthodox church “St. Petka”, Board of Church “St. Petka”, village of Pchelarovo, Kardzhali Region – 1400 lv.
  18. Project: Reconstruction the Church of “St. Paraskeva”, Church Board at the temple “St. Paraskeva “, village of Sabrano, Reg. Sliven – 1400 lv. (BGN).