Theatrical, including puppet, productions (2015)

  1. Project: “Life is Theater”, National chitalishte “Development 1898”, Oreshak –1300 lv.
  2. Project: Participation of Capital Puppet Theatre with the performance of “World/O (HOLD) in the International Theatre Festival of the European regions in the city, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, 19 to 28 June 2015, Capital Puppet Theatre, Sofia – 2000 lv.
  3. Project: “Tour of the shows “Powder Keg “and “Mercury” in Republic of Macedonia”, “Theatre Corsair” Foundation, Sofia – 2000 lv. (BGN).
  4. Project: “My father”, Association “Center for non-formal education and cultural activity Alos”, Sofia – 620 lv.
  5. Project: “Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, “B Plus”, Sofia – 1000 lv.
  6. Project: “From fairy folklore to the fairy tales of life or “An unborn girl “, on the stage of Community Center “Svetlina – 1939 “, National Chitalishte” Svetlina – 1939 “, Pomorie – 1100 lv. (BGN)
  7. Project: “Argonautica”, National Academy for Theatre and Film Art “Krustu Sarafov”, Sofia – 1900 lv. (BGN)
  8. Project: “Presentation of international co-production “Cinderella Ltd.” in Sofia and Plovdiv. Organization for contemporary alternative art and culture-36 monkeys, Sofia– 1200 lv. (BGN)
  9. Project: Presentation “Speak”, Association “Legal Art Center “, Sofia – 2000 lv..
  10. Project: “Forest tales for trolls and fairies – a traveling interactive performance for children”, Association “Academy Artists for Children”, Sofia – 700 lv.
  11. Project: “Stalking Godot”, Association for text and theater “Eight and a half”, Sofia – 750 lv.
  12. Project: “Through theatrical and musical creation – towards social adaptation and refinement of children at “Ml. Antonov” in village of Totleben, Pleven region, “Mladen and Maria Antonovi” Foundation, Sofia – 1000 lv.
  13. Project: “Dissemination of the international performance “Balkan Dance Reality Show”, “Brain Storm Project” Foundation, Town of Sofia, –1000 lv.
  14. Project: “National Pavilion”, Association “Via Pontica”, Sofia – 1500 lv.
  15. Project: “Integration through Theatre”, “Hope for Antonovo” Association Antonovo – 1800 lv. (BGN)
  16. Project: “Creation of a spectacle “Aviators” – dramatization of the novel by Boyan Papazov “Gene in the Rhodopes quarter of Willow-1913”, Smolyan Municipality, Smolyan– the 1200 lv.
  17. Project: “Kiler”, Creative Boxing Association, Sofia – 1000 lv.
  18. Project: “January” after the eponymous play and other texts by Yordan Radichkov, Theatrical composition “intrigue” at the Cultural Community Center-Monument “Hristo Botev-1879”, Kozloduy –1500 Bulgarian Leva
  19. Project: “Chitalishte Theatre”, national Chitalishte “Vedina 1997”, Kosara, Reg. Silistra –1 000 lv.;
  • Project: “Children play for children”, National Chitalishte “Hristo Botev – 1928”, Burgas – 500 lv.
  1. Project: “Dolls love us – our children’s puppet theatre”, “Chitalshte “Prosveta 1905”, village of Debnevo, Reg. Lovech – 1500 lv. (BGN)
  2. Project: “The 13th month – a theatrical performance in verses and lyrical prose by Geo Milev, “Theatre Wind “Association, Sofia – 1200 lv.
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