Galleries and Museums (2006)

  1. Project: “Jubilee Exhibition – 100 years anniversary of the artist “Nenko Balkanski”, National Museum of Bulgarian Fine Arts – 3000 lv.
  2. Project: “Restoration of manuscripts in the very poor condition of the Fund of CSVP “Ivan Dujčev”, Foundation “Elena and Ivan Dujčevi” – 3000 lv.
  3. Project: “Safe exhibition of works on paper: Collection “Konstantin and Claudia Delchevi”, National Gallery for Foreign Art – 2855 lv.
  4. Project: “Endowment – a living and time-honored tradition. Carrying out of repair works “. Municipal Historical Museum, Radomir– 3000 lv.
  5. Project: “Store, protect and convey the future”, Art Gallery, Silistra – 2925 lv.
  6. Project: “The gift – reserved for generations” (Optimizing the warehouses of the museum)”, Regional Museum of History, Silistra – 2570 lv. (BGN).
  7. Project: “Memory for Boris Hristov – Family Relics”, Music Center “Boris Hristov”, Sofia – 3000 lv.
  8. Project: Exhibition “The preserved mineral diversity of Bulgaria – a collection Petar Tranteev – morphology of cave formations”, National Museum “Earth and People” – 3000 lv (BGN)
  9. Project: “Album” Photos from the cabinet “. Leaflet House Museum “Pancho Vladigerov”– English Version – translation and printing of an existing one, providing an additional page (flyer), with a map indicating the location of the museum of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, House Museum “Pancho Vladigerov “, Sofia – 3000 lv. (BGN).
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