Social Assistance and Healthcare (2007)

  1. Project: “Revival of the Bulgarian School on European standards in the region of Totleben – Traditions, renewal and equality.”, “Mladen and Maria Antonovi “Foundation, village of Totleben, District Pleven – 3000 lv.
  2. Project: “Golden Fish” – Competition in sport fishing for people with disabilities”, NGO “Union of Invalides – Society Plovdiv ” – 2632 BGN.
  3. Project: “The power of the proto-Bulgarian spirit”, Association “Future for children with disabilities”, Kazanlak – 3000 lv. (BGN).
  4. Project: “Magic Days for disabled children from Ivajlovgrad municipality”, Company with socially useful activity and Board of children’s complex, Ivajlovgrad – 3000 lv. (BGN).
  5. Project: “Urgent social and health support for children at risk at three homes for raising and educating children deprived of parental care – “Lyuba Taneva ” in Berkovitsa, Children’s World in Galatin, Vratsa Region and the Home in the village of Bardarski Geran, Euro-health Foundation, Sofia – 2000 lv.
  6. Project: “Music Arts – a way of integration and social support by providing employment for unemployed musicians from the blind choir “Academician Petko Staynov” and Vocal and instrumental ensemble “Cheerful Girls”. Concerts of artists with disabilities, Foundation “Choir of the Blind Academician Petko Stainov”, Sofia – 3000 lv. (BGN).
  7. Project: “Making the life of the elderly better”, Municipality of Straldzha – 3 000 lv.
  8. Project: Socialization of children with mental impairment from Auxiliary School “Dr. Vl. Shumanov”, Regional Center” Open Education”, Sliven – 1 500 lv.
  9. Project: “Program for integration of disadvantaged gender groups” Association “Society for Social Support “, Dryanovo – 1500 lv. (BGN).
  10. Project: “Building a lift in a day care center for children and young people with physical and mental disabilities”, Pleven, Bulgarian association of persons with intellectual difficulties, Pleven – 3 000 lv.
  11. Project: “Art – a means of change”, a theatrical formation “Bis bard”, Sofia – 1 300 lv.
  12. Project: “I am a child too” – integration of children within the fifth summer theater school for children at risk”, village of Shiroka Luka, Culture Fund “DAY GRIS-X”, Sofia – 3 000 lv.
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