Results of the session “Children’s Workshops for the Arts” 2019

On the announced by NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria” session on “Children’s workshops for the arts” were presented 93 projects, of which 91 were in compliance with the Rules for the conditions and the procedure of conducting sessions organized by the National Endowment Fund 13 Centuries Bulgaria for financial support of projects.

Panel of experts: Prof. Anna Bojadjieva-Hinkova, president; and members: Prof. Jeni Pashova and Assoc. Prof. Elena Dikova, offered for financial support of 13 projects selected on the basis of the evaluation criteria set out in the rules. The Management Board of NEF “13 Centuries Bulgaria”, at its eighth meeting held on 19.06.2019 G, adopted the Commission’s proposal to support the following Projects:

  1. Project: Children’s theatre-pantomime workshops “One for all, all for one”, “Sirma 2012” Association, Rudjevo Konare – 2 960 LV.
  2. Project: “Art mosaic – we create and have fun together”, the NGO “Young, active, creative”, Kurtovo, Karlovo Municipality — 3 000 LV.
  3. Project: “Batik Art” workshop, “Progress 1869” Community Center, Shumen — 761 LV.
  4. Project: Event “Days of Yordan Radichkov” – Theatre Workshop for Children “We Sparrows”, dedicated to 90 years since the birth of Yordan Radichkov, a theatre performance and meeting with the descendants of the writer, Capital Puppet Theatre, Sofia — 2 560 LV
  5. Project: “The painter also paints with chocolate”, “Knights of Good” Foundation, Sofia — 800 LV
  6. Project: Summer Art Studio “Draw, create, dance”, “Zora 1990” Community Center, village of Pobeda – 500 LV
  7. Project: “Rhythm and Sound” creative workshop, “Water Road” Foundation, Sofia – 3 000 LV
  8. Project: “Workshop for tales and a theatre of movement”, “Sveti Kozma and Damyan” Foundation, Veliko Tarnovo – 3 000 LV
  9. Project: “Danubian Talents – Oryahovo 2019”, History Museum, Oryahovo –1291.80 LV
  10. Project: “Sea Summer Art Academy”, Association “For You”, Varna – 2 312 LV
  11. Project: “Holiday workshops in Panaretovtsi”, “Probuda – 1938” Community Center, Panaretovtsi, Sliven Municipality — 2 300 LV
  12. Project: “Musical Colors”, “Concordia Bulgaria” Foundation, Sofia – 2984 LV
  13. Project: “Samokov – art, culture, knowledge”, “Mladost 2003” Community Center, Samokov, – 2 400 LV


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