Creative Development of Children (2008)

  1. Project: “The light in my drawings and in my music”, Association of the Bulgarian elementary teachers, Novi Iskar, Sofia Municipality – 3000 lv.
  2. Project: “Opening of a studio for visual activities”, National Chitaliste (reading club) “Bratya Miladinovi”, Knyazhevo quarter, Sofia – 3000 BGN
  3. Project: “Concert”, Folklore Formation “Fountain”, Sofia – 3000 lv.
  4. Project: “Inclusion of Chepelare’s children in the dance and musical arts of the Rhodopes”, “Public Fund Chepelare” Foundation, Chepelare – 3000 lv.
  5. Project: “Give a chance and a future to children with disabilities”, Foundation “Choir of the Blind” Academician Petko Staynov “, Sofia – 1000 lv.
  6. Project: “Innovative model for interactive learning”, “Center for Development of Human potential”, Sliven – 1200 lv. (BGN)
  7. Project: “National children’s plein-air painting “Strandja Rainbow – Zunka” 25 – 29 October 2008, Malko Tarnovo”, Non-profit association “Zlatna Strandja”, malko Tarnovo – 1000 lv. (BGN)
  8. Project: “United by Art”, Association “Youth and Civic initiatives in the Rose Valley”, Karlovo – 1000 lv.
  9. Project: “105 years of patriotism”, National Chitalishte (reading club) “Ivan Danov”, Brestnitsa, Lovech Region – 500 lv. (BGN)


  1. Project: “The Children of “Polyanci” seek and promote local traditions, songs and dances”, National Chitaliste “Otets Paisiy”, Polski Trmesh – 2000 BGN
  2. Project: “Support and encouragement of young and talented musicians from the ” Karandila” youth brass band from the town of Sliven for the development of their creative activity “, ” Vojvodsko” Civil Association, Sliven – 900 BGN
  3. Project: “The proto-Bulgarian workshop “Alem”,”Future for Children with Disabilities “Association, Kazanlak – 1400 BGN
  4. Project: “Creative development of children”, “Prosveta” Chitaliste (Community Centre), Bourgas – 600 BGN
  5. The project: “The community center – a talent home”, National Chitaliste “Lyuben Karavelov”, Kuratovo Konare, Reg. Plovdiv – 600 BGN
  6. Project: “I want to say something to you”; creating a club “Young amateur photographer” in secondary school “Nikola Voyvodov” – the town of Vratsa’s Civil Association “Together for Vratsa”, Vratsa – 200 lv.
  7. Project: “The colorful world through children’s eyes”, the Board of the Community Center “Buditel”, Strumyani – 1200 BGN
  8. Project: “Learning together”, Association of parents of children and young people with physical and mental harm, “Future 2002”, Sopot – 1400 lv.
  9. Project: “Children’s creative workshop with two workshops” In the Sacrament of Bulgarian Folk Art from Dobrudzha”, National Chitalishte “Docho Mihaylov “, village of Babuk, Silistra Municipality – 1000 BGN
  10. Project: “From the ancestors to the present day – the wind of creativity over the centuries”, Chitalishte “Vazrajdane”, Zimnitsa Village, Reg. Yambol – 1000 lv.
  11. Project: “We can”, Bulgarian Association of Children with Intellectual Disabilities, Pleven – 2000 lv.
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