Creative Development of Students (2011)

  1. Project: “Fashion and music “the funny third”, Third High School” Dimitar Marinov”, Sofia for Academy – 3000 lv.
  2. Project: “Modernization and supplying of training and recording equipment of the concert hall “Bozhko Shoikov” at “Panayot Pipkov”, Association Board of “Panayot Pipkov” School, Pleven – 3 000 lv.
  3. Project: “The Art in Me”, “Dimitar Blagoev” Secondary School, Svishtov – 2606.90 lv.
  4. Project: “Art as a dialogue”, Vocational high school of applied arts, town of Smolyan – 3 000 lv.
  5. Project: “Formation of skills, knowledge, habits through the chemistry experiment”, Association “School Board “Paisij Hilendarski ” at SMG, Sofia – 3000 lv.
  6. Project: “Graphic art-our ambassador on paper” “Iliya Petrov”, Sofia – 1235 lv.
  7. Project: “Cabinet of history and civilization-Bulgarian rulers”, Association “School Board” at “Vasil Levski” School, Sevlievo – 1866 lv.
  8. Project: “We are the actors”, 108 high school “Nikola Belovejdov”, Sofia – 1200 lv.
  9. Project: “School is a way of finding ourselves”, Association “School Board” “Hristo Botev” School, Ivaylovgrad – 550 lv. (BGN).
  10. Project: “To be virtuoso, we must also play sports”, “Dobrin Petkov”, Plovdiv – 2700 lv.
  11. Project: “Separation of a specialized room (hall) for theatrical work with talented students”, “Romain Rolland” School, Stara Zagora – 436 lv.
  12. Project: “A source of knowledge and talent, inspired by the past and aspiring to the future”, Secondary School “St. Kiril and Metodius, Beloslav – 2540 lv.
  13. Project: “Chemistry-my hobby, my knowledge, my future”, “Yane Sandanski” School, Gotse Delchev – 1189.20 lv.
  14. Project: “Culture, tradition and me”, “School Board of Trustees at 18th “William Gladstone”, Sofia – 972 lv.
  15. Project: “Living water: The treasures of Kotel”, Secondary School “G. Sava Rakovski”, Kotel – 1650 lv.
  16. Project: “The life story”, “Foreign language school “Exarch Yosif I”, Lovech – 500 lv.
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