Restoration of Works of Fine Arts (2010)

  1. Regional History Museum – Vratsa, with Project: New life for the Old Masters
    Entry No 475/22.06.2010. Financial support – 2000 BGN
  2. Art Gallery – town of Dobrich with Project: Restoration of paintings by Vasil Barakov and Dimitar Kirov
    Entry No 483/24.06.2010. Financial support – 1500 BGN
  3. History Museum – town of Samokov with Project: Restoration and conservation of collection “from the Archives of Zahari Zograf”, preserved in the History Museum-Samokov
    Entry No 486/24.06.2010 G. The project is also related to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Zacharias Hristovich Zograf (1810-1853).
    Financial Support –2141BGN.
  4. History Museum – Town of Batak with Project: “Preserved past for the future”. Restoration and conservation of 3 pieces of banners, works of the fine Christian art of 19th century – Cultural treasures from the fund of the museum
    Entry No 512/ 28.06.2010. Financial support – 2000 BGN
  5. Museum of folk-art crafts and applied arts – town of Troyan with Project: “The end of the Journey” – restoration of an icon, painted by Nikolay Pavlovich, owned by the Museum of Crafts in Troyan
    Entry No 514/28.06.2010. Financial support – 1000 BGN
  6. Eastern Catholic Church “Ascension of the Lord”, with a project: “Restoration of icons with images of the crucifix with the forefront with cult purpose”
    Entry No 515/28.06.2010. Financial support – 1500 BGN
  7. Catholic Apostolic Exarchate – town of Sofia with Project: Restoration of two-canvases oil painting by Ivan Murkichka with an exposition purpose, owned by the museum collection of the Catholic Exarchate in Sofia
    Entry No 519/28.06.2010. Financial support – 3000 BGN
  8. Specialized Museum of Carving and Zografsko Art – town of Tryavna with Project: “Restoration of a Tibetan tank (icon) from the donation of Zlatko Paunov”
    Entry No 521/29.06.2010. Financial support – 2000 BGN
  9. Institute of Art Science – BAS, Sofia, with Project: Restoration of “a female portrait” by Nikolay Pavlovich from the collection of the Institute of Arts
    Entry No 527/29.06.2010. Financial support – 1000 BGN
  10. Association of Conservators in Bulgaria (ACB) – town of Sofia with Project: “Restoration of icons by Zahari Zograf from the Church of St. Georgi”, Pernik”
    Entry No 532/29.06.2010. Financial support – 1000 BGN
  11. Art Gallery – town of Kazanlak with Project: “Kazanlak artists”. Restoration of early works by Nenko Balkanski and Petko Klikraw from the fund of Art Gallery Kazanlak
    Entry No 531/29.06.2010.
    Financial Support –3000BGN.
  12. City Art Gallery – Plovdiv with Project: Exhibition “Plovdiv Panting School”
    Entry No 543/30.06.2010. Financial support – 1500 BGN
  13. Regional History Museum – Blagoevgrad with Project: “Conservation of murals (after archaeological survey from the temple” Saint Haralampij”, town of Melnik
    Entry No 545/30.06.2010. Financial support – 2859 BGN
  14. Museum of History – Asenovgrad with Project: “Art in the halls of the History Museum” – Entry No560/01.07.2010.
    Financial Support –1500BGN.
  15. Association “Kozma and Damian “Silver-free” project: Restoration of three icons, housed in a temple-monument and ossuary “St. Ivan Rilski”, Kresna
    Entry No 569/02.07.2010. Financial support – 3000 BGN
  16. Jewish Museum of History – Sofia at the organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” with Project: Filming, documenting and conservation of a group of ritual objects with high historical and artistic value, made up of precious metals and used in Synagogues in Bulgaria, currently held by the Jewish History Museum – Sofia at the organization of the Jews in Bulgaria – Shalom, housed in the building of the central Sofia Synagogue
    Entry No 570/02.07.2010. Financial support – 1000 BGN




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